Why Knock Knock Sell?

We are a team of agents who serve our own clients. We personally collect the data provided, use our resources to view comparables and adjust our analysis based on tangible aspects of your home. Zillow can't do this. 

A "Zestimate" is known to give inaccurate data on your home because it doesn't take into account 2 main contributers of value: 

  • your home's upgrades & improvements 
  • your neighborhood's turnover rates 

Want to get maximum value for your home? 

Don't rely on sketchy math or fuzzy comparable market analyses. Get your professional home value comp today, for free! 

Sellers market? 

Popular online estimates are based on tax assessments that may be several years old!

In one case a homeowner filed suit against online realty giant Zillow, claiming the company’s controversial “Zestimate” tool repeatedly undervalued her house, creating a “tremendous road block” to its sale. This gave the public a false estimate, detering potential buyers.

Zillow routinely undervalues properties by as much as 20%. 

That's a large gap! On a $300,000 dollar home, that could be as much as 💰 $60,000 dollars.

What people say about Knock Knock Sell...

  • "Knock Knock Sell is by the far the most consumer-friendly real estate application out there. It takes a very unique approach in benefiting homeowners, setting realistic expectations, and not being bombarded with calls from dozens of brokers that receive your info from a lead source. 

    Selling your home is a huge process. Knock Knock Sell gets you started on the right foot with direct, one-on-one consultation with a proven real estate professional. Nothing else like it!"

    George Klimis, True Blue Title

Sell smarter

with Knock Knock Sell

The computer’s "algorithmic estimate" doesn't know... 

  • your neighborhood
  • your home’s condition, or 
  • the local market

...the way a human can.